The Walton Garden Room

A compact home office with storage for garden tools

A compact home office with storage for garden tools

Our clients, Issy and Mike, on The Walton, contacted us to discuss options regarding a Garden Room at the end of their garden. Their garden is quite small so we had to seek a solution that would meet their working needs but not impinge too much on their outdoor space.

Mike and Issy decided on the size and shape they wanted their Garden Room to be and asked us to install it as close to the rear and adjacent boundary fence as possible. We had several meetings prior to commencement of the project to discuss door and window options, cladding and extra storage for garden tools. Once we were all clear on that vision we were in a position to begin the work.

With a steady supply of tea and biscuits we set about bringing their vision to life. We constructed a solid base that was approximately 3 metres x 3 metres with a 45 degree corner on the front left elevation to enable clear access to the back gate.


We like to work as efficiently as possible when building a Garden Room and this is evident from the start with our floor construction. See our Projects page for full construction details.

The base was constructed using a threaded rod and concrete pile system. The floor frame was manufactured from 75 mm x 100 mm treated timber and the wall frame structure was manufactured using 45 mm x 95 mm treated timber. The roof was manufactured using 125 mm x 45 mm treated timber.

A practical working space

Lots of natural light

Separate storage area for garden tools

Compact, so as not to impinge on outdoor space

Armoured internet cable

External finish

On the back and side elevations, adjacent to the boundary we fitted Issy and Mike’s chosen colour of moss green James Hardieplank lapped cladding and on the front elevation and left elevation we fitted moss green James Hardieplank VL board. The VL board is flush fitting and more pleasing on the eye.

Issy and Mike wanted to maximise as much natural light as possible so we incorporated a fully glazed UPVC door to the front angled elevation with a half height window to the front elevation. On the inside it is under this window where the desk is situated.

White fascia and soffit boards were fitted to finish the roof line and match the door and window to compliment the moss green coloured cladding further still.
We installed a 50 litre water butt to carry away rain water from the roof. This also serves as an efficient means to water the garden plants.

To the left side elevation there is access to a small but adequate storage room for the lawn mower and garden tools. The solid flush door to access this area is painted moss green to match the cladding perfectly.


The Walton has 4 double sockets as well as a 2 kw heater and an armoured data cable to enable uninterrupted internet access. Internally, in the office, we installed 4 ceiling downlights and a bulkhead ceiling light in the storage room. Externally, we installed 4 downlights in the soffit. We also installed a double external socket. All electrics in our Garden Rooms are installed by a qualified and certified electrician.


We discussed flooring options and Mike and Issy chose an oak laminate. Laminate is a very practical choice of flooring for a Garden Room due to its durability to be hardwearing.

Lastly, we fitted the skirting board and decorated accordingly to complete.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Pete. He listened to our concerns (just a small corner of the garden to work with) and found ways to overcome them, giving us the perfect bespoke office/shed. Attention to detail is fantastic and no ask is too small.


An adequate office to work from home with separate storage area for garden tools.

The Walton Garden Room (Exterior 1)The Walton Garden Room (Exterior 4)


A tranquil office that offers work/life separation with a dedicated area to keep all the garden tools tidy.